The Zambian Baskets of Choma

Our beloved wall baskets are made in Zambia by women groups and cooperatives. They are based in rural suburbs of a town called Choma in the Southern Province. They have traditionally been used as a barter trading tool where the weavers exchange them for bags of maize and other household goods. 

However, today, many weavers are sustaining themselves through selling their unique handwoven platters to be used as wall decor and hangings. Each weaver makes these lovely works of art in their free time between running errands and doing their household duties and using ilala palm, a unique type of grass that grows naturally in rural Choma.

They harvest the plant, extract the fibers and passionately weave each individual wall platter to their taste. No one wall platter is identical to another which adds so much depth to their beauty.

The people who weave these baskets are called the Tonga People and they have preserved their intangible culture by maintaining the craft. It has been passed down from generation to generation.

We are so proud to add these lovely baskets to our offering as they are such a marvel. Not only are they beautiful, uniquely handcrafted and ethical, they have history and depth. They tell a lovely story of persistence and dilligence through craftwork that has been handed down for generations.

Traditionally a winnowing platter (the act of separating grains from chaff by flinging them in the air) it’s a little piece of cultural heritage that we are proud to offer you.

They are very suitable for adding dimensions and texture to plain walls due to their depths. They lift off the walls to give them a very unique look. They have a natural beige color of the dried ilala palm.

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